Couchbase Providers

The Couchbase NoSQL server providers are a separate download and allows you to connect CacheBox and ColdBox to Couchbase for distributed caching and persistence. Please see our CacheBox-Couchbase documentation for more information.

Ortus Couchbase Extension

Ortus Solutions, the makers of CacheBox, have created a commercial extension for the open source CFML engines Railo and Lucee to support caching distribution features via Couchbase (

The Ortus Couchbase Extension is a Railo Server Extension that allows your server to natively connect to a Couchbase NoSQL Server cluster and leverage it for built-in caching, session/client storage and distribution, and much more. With our extension you will be able to scale and extend your Railo CFML applications with ease.

The extension will enhance your Railo/Lucee server with some of the following capabilities:

  • Store session/client variables in a distributed Couchbase cluster

  • Get rid of sticky session load balancers, come to the round-robin world!

  • Session/client variable persistence even after Railo restarts

  • Ability to leverage the RAM resource virtual file system as a cluster-wide file system

  • Cache connection capablities for providing distributed & highly scalable query, object, template, function caching

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