What's New With 6.2.0

CacheBox 6.2.0 is a minor released under the main ColdBox 6.x umbrella. Significant updates and release notes are below. Please also note that LogBox is included with CacheBox, so all updates to the LogBox library are also updates of CacheBox 6.2.0.

Release Notes



  • [COLDBOX-945] - Event caching now bases off the multi host key from the event.getSESBaseURL() to improve consistencies and single responsibility
  • [COLDBOX-953] - Update DateFormat Mask to use lowercase "d" to be compatible with ACF2021


  • [LOGBOX-56] - Missing line break on file appender control string

New Features

  • [LOGBOX-57] - new shutdown() method to process graceful shutdown of LogBox
  • [LOGBOX-58] - New logbox config onShutdown() callback, which is called when LogBox has been shutdown
  • [LOGBOX-59] - New shutdown() method can be now used in appenders that will be called when LogBox is shutdown