Common CacheFactory Methods

Here is a list of some of the most common methods you can use to interact with CacheBox. For full details, please view the online API Docs

  • addCache(any<ICacheProvider> cache)

Register a new instantiated cache with this cache factory

  • addDefaultCache(string name)

Add a default named cache to our registry, create it, config it, register it and return it of type: cachebox

  • clearAll()

Clears all the elements in all the registered caches without de-registrations

  • configure(CacheBoxConfig config)

Configure the cache factory for operation, called by the init()

  • expireAll()

Expires all the elements in all the registered caches without de-registrations

  • getCache(string name)

Get a reference to a registered cache in this factory

  • getDefaultCache()

Get the default cache provider of type cachebox

  • reapAll()

A nice way to call reap on all registered caches

  • removeCache(string name)

Try to remove a named cache from this factory

  • replaceCache(any<ICacheProvider> cache, any<ICacheProvider> decoratedCache)

Replace a registered named cache with a new decorated cache of the same name

  • shutdown()

Recursively sends shutdown commands to all registered caches and cleans up in preparation for shutdown

Common Operation Examples

// Add another default cache type but with the name FunkyCache
funkyCache = cachebox.addDefaultCache("FunkyCache");
// Add some elements to funky Cache

// Get a reference to a named cache
cfCache = cacheBox.getCache("CFCache");

// Get a reference to the default named cache
cache = cacheBox.getDefaultCache();

// Remove our funky cache no longer needed

// Create a new cache a replace a cache, the MyFunkyFunkyCache implements ICacheProvider
newCache = new MyFunkyFunkyCache({maxObjects=200,timeout=30});
// replace the CFCache with this one
cacheBox.replaceCache( "CFCache", newCache );

// Add a new cache to cachebox programmatically
newCache = new MyFunkyFunkyCache("FunkynessCache", {maxObjects=200,timeout=30});
cacheBox.addCache( newCache );

// Send a shutdown command to cachebox

Info Remember that some of the CacheBox methods announce events. So please see our event model section to see what kind of events you can listen to when working with CacheBox.

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