What's New With 6.0.0
CacheBox 6 is a major release following suite of the ColdBox Platform umbrella. Below you can find a link to the ColdBox what's new and the CacheBox release notes for this major release.
What's New With 6.0.0
ColdBox HMVC Documentation


  • [CACHEBOX-59] - Announced Events in the set() of the cacheBoxProvider
  • [CACHEBOX-63] - cfthread-20506;variable [ATTRIBUES] doesn't exist;lucee.runtime.exp.ExpressionException: variable [ATTRIBUES] doesn't exist

  • [CACHEBOX-24] - CacheBox reaper : migrate to a scheduled task via cbPromises
  • [CACHEBOX-60] - CacheFactory gets a reference to an asyncManager and a task scheduler whether they are in ColdBox or non-ColdBox mode

  • [CACHEBOX-64] - Migrations to script and more fluent programming

  • [LOGBOX-35] - FileAppender: if logging happens in a thread, queue never gets processed and, potentially, you run out of heap space
  • [LOGBOX-38] - Rotate property is defined but never used
  • [LOGBOX-45] - Work around for adobe bug CF-4204874 where closures are holding on to tak contexts
  • [LOGBOX-50] - Rolling file appender inserting tabs on first line

  • [LOGBOX-5] - Allow config path as string in LogBox init (standalone)
  • [LOGBOX-11] - Allow standard appenders to be configured by name (instead of full path)
  • [LOGBOX-36] - Added an `err()` to abstract appenders for reporting to the error streams
  • [LOGBOX-42] - All appenders get a reference to the running LogBox instance
  • [LOGBOX-43] - LogBox has a scheduler executor and the asyncmanager attached to it for standalone and ColdBox mode.
  • [LOGBOX-44] - Rolling appender now uses the new async schedulers to stream data to files
  • [LOGBOX-46] - Update ConsoleAppender to use TaskScheduler
  • [LOGBOX-47] - AbstractAppender log listener and queueing facilities are now available for all appenders
  • [LOGBOX-48] - DB Appender now uses a queueing approach to sending log messages
  • [LOGBOX-49] - Rolling File Appender now uses the async scheduler for log rotation checks

  • [LOGBOX-37] - Improvements to threading for logging to avoid dumb Adobe duplicates
  • [LOGBOX-41] - refactoring of internal utility closures to udfs to avoid ACF memory leaks: CF-4204874
  • [LOGBOX-51] - Migrations to script and more fluent programming
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