Features at a Glance
  • Cache Aggregator
    • Ability to aggregate different caching engines
    • Ability to aggregate different configurations of the same caches
    • Rich aggregation event model
    • Granular logging
  • Fast and Simple to use
    • Fast ColdFusion and Java hybrid cache
    • Simple API and configuration parameters
    • Small Footprint
    • No need to create it, configure it or manage it if used within a ColdBox Application
  • Solid Core
  • Extensible & Flexible
    • Cache Listeners for event broadcasting
    • Create your own custom eviction policies
    • Create your own cache providers
    • Create your own CacheBox object storages
    • Extensive and granular purging mechanisms (regular expressions and key snippets)
  • Highly Configurable
    • JVM Threshold Checks
    • Object Limits
    • Ability to time expire objects
    • Eternal (singletons) and time-lived objects
    • Object purging based on object usage (Access Timeouts)
    • Fully configurable at runtime via dynamic configurations and hot-updates
  • Visually Appealing and Useful
    • Fully featured caching monitor and commands panel
    • Complete cache performance reports
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