CF Providers

Our CFColdboxProvider is an implementation specifically written for Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.1 and beyond. This provider leverages the EHCache engine within ColdFusion 9 and extends the native ColdFusion capabilities by talking to the EHCache sessions natively via Java. In this manner we are able to do things like:

  • Get extended cached object metadata

  • Get overall cache statistics

  • Talk to terracotta classes

  • Do quiet operations on get, clear, and put

  • Check if an element is expired

  • Do reporting and content reporting

  • Much more


Each CacheBox provider can have its own set of configuration properties it needs for operation. Our CF providers also have some. Please note, all properties other than "cacheName" are passed through to the underlying EHCache implementation in ColdFusion. The default values may differ if you have edited the ehcache.xml file on your server.

Info Please note that you can configure more than 1 CFColdboxProvider cache engine in your applications that can talk to more than one referenced ColdFusion (EHCache) custom cache.

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