What's New With 5.4.0

Release Notes


  • [CACHEBOX-46] - CacheboxProvider metadata and stores: use CFML functions on java hash maps breaks concurrency

  • [CACHEBOX-50] - getOrSet() provider method doesn't work with full null support

  • [CACHEBOX-52] - getQuiet(), clearQuiet(), getSize(), clearAll(), expireAll() broken in acf providers

New Features

  • [CACHEBOX-48] - New setting: `resetTimeoutOnAccess` to allow the ability to reset timeout access for entries

  • [CACHEBOX-49] - Global script conversion and code optimizations

  • [CACHEBOX-53] - lookup operations on ACF providers updated to leverage cacheIdExists() improves operation by over 50x

  • [CACHEBOX-54] - setMulti(), getMulti(), lookupMulti(), clearMulti(),getCachedObjectMetadataMulti() is now available on all cache providers


  • [CACHEBOX-47] - Increased timeout on `getOrSet` lock

  • [CACHEBOX-51] - Consolidated usages of the abstract cache provider to all providers to avoid redundancy