This object is in charge of rendering skin templates and also executing processing commands. The custom tag creates this object and prepares it for usage, so do not worry about it, just know how to use it. The following are the variable compositions this object has and therefore you can use them in your skin templates:

Variable Type Description
cacheBox cachebox.system.cache.CacheFactory A reference to the running CacheBox cache factory
baseURL string The baseURL attribute passed via the tag configuration
sking string The skin attribute passed via the tag configuration
skinPath string The non-expanded path to the skin in use. e.g. /cachebox/system/cache/report/skin/MyCoolSkin
attributes struct A reference to the attributes structure passed via the tag
caller template A reference to the caller page of the custom tag.

This tag also has the following methods that you might be interested in:

Return Type Method
void processCommands(*[command=],[cacheName=default],[cacheEntry=])
Execute and process a cacheBox command
any renderCachePanel()
Render the CachePanel.cfm template
any renderCacheReport(cacheName)
Render the CacheReport.cfm template which renders typically the report information about a specific cache provider
any renderCacheContentReport(cacheName)
Render the CacheContentReport.cfm template which typically renders the report of the content of the cache provider
any renderCacheDumper(cacheName,cacheEntry)
Tries to retrieve the cacheEntry from the cacheName provider and dumps it

For example, here is a snippet of the CachePanel.cfm template to designate where the cache report for a specific cache provider will be rendered by default:

<---  Named Cache Report --->
<div id="fw_cacheReport">#renderCacheReport()#</div>

Since no cacheName argument is provided, it will use the default value of default. Here is a snippet of the cache report template of where it designates the content report to be rendered. It also verifies that the cache provider has reporting enabled and uses a custom attribute called contentReport.

<---  Content Report --->
<cfif cacheProvider.isReportingEnabled() AND attributes.contentReport>
    <h3>Cache Content Report</h3>

    <---  Reload Contents --->
    <input type="button" value="Reload Contents"
           title="Reload the contents"
           onClick="fw_cacheContentReport('#URLBase#','#arguments.cacheName#')" />

    <---  Expire All Keys --->
    <input type="button" value="Expire All Keys"
           name="cboxbutton_expirekeys" id="cboxbutton_expirekeys"
           title="Expire all the keys in the cache"
           onclick="fw_cacheContentCommand('#URLBase#','expirecache', '#arguments.cacheName#')" />

    <---  ColdBox Application Commands --->
    <cfif cacheBox.isColdBoxLinked()>
        <---  Clear All Events --->
        <input type="button" value="Clear All Events"
               name="cboxbutton_clearallevents" id="cboxbutton_clearallevents"
               title="Remove all the events in the cache"
               onclick="fw_cacheContentCommand('#URLBase#','clearallevents', '#arguments.cacheName#')" />
        <---  Clear All Views --->
        <input type="button" value="Clear All Views"
               name="cboxbutton_clearallviews" id="cboxbutton_clearallviews"
               title="Remove all the views in the cache"
               onclick="fw_cacheContentCommand('#URLBase#','clearallviews', '#arguments.cacheName#')" />

    <---  Loader --->
    <span class="fw_redText fw_debugContent" id="fw_cacheContentReport_loader">Please Wait, Processing...</span>

    <div class="fw_cacheContentReport" id="fw_cacheContentReport">

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