CacheBox DSL

In order to create a simple data CFC, just create a new CFC with one required method on it called configure(). This is where you will define the caching configuration data structure in a structure called cacheBox in the variables scope:

* A CacheBox configuration data object

    function configure(){
        cacheBox = {


The cacheBox structure can be configured with the following keys:

Key Type Required Default Description
logBoxConfig string false cachebox.system.cache.config.LogBox The instantiation or location of a LogBox configuration file. This is only for standalone operation.
scopeRegistration struct false {enabled=true,scope=application,key=cacheBox} A structure that enables scope registration of the CacheBox factory in either server, cluster, application or session scope.
defaultCache struct true --- The configuration of the default cache which will have an implicit name of default which is a reserved cache name. It also has a default provider of CacheBox which cannot be changed.
caches struct true {} A structure where you can create more named caches for usage in your CacheBox factory.
listeners array false [] An array that will hold all the listeners you want to configure at startup time for your CacheBox instance. If you are running CacheBox within a ColdBox application, this item is not necessary as you can register them via the main ColdBox interceptors section.

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